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Our ‘Grand 50%“Thank You” Closing Sale’ is nowSo long . . . and thanks for all those wonderful years on.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that the multi-award winning Forest Bookshop, after nearly 40 years trading in Coleford, is soon to close. At almost 75 years old, I have tried to retire but people just aren’t buying bookshops these days. Moreover, on-line bookshops are a growing problem for all independents (67 closed in 2013). One on-line cut-price giant remains a threat to the book trade by avoiding taxes, receiving millions in government grants, squeezing their suppliers and carriers ’til their pips squeak and by exploiting their staff. Against all the odds, we have countered the threat by providing excellent knowledgeable service and choice. We have kept many of our loyal customers, but the very day the parking charges were introduced in Coleford our footfall plummeted, as it did for other local retailers.

However, the past 40 bookselling years have seen the happiest of times. We’ve had some wonderful events, superb books have passed through our hands, we’ve worked closely with local authors and the Forest community and met so many interesting people.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all our amazing staff, past and present, and to all the Bookshop’s friends and loyal customers wherever they are.

Douglas McLean.


Heart book Here's a little number by Dinah Shore explaining how she met love in A Little Bookshop -- just like the Forest Bookshop -- where you really do meet the nicest people. Enjoy!



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Clio AdvertAlso, many of you will remember the huge Renault Clio advertising campaign a three years ago. It featured the Forest Bookshop in almost every glossy magazine and weekend supplement in the UK. It came as a complete surprise to us, but we decided it would not do any harm, so we did not make a fuss. Renault did send us a nice framed copy of the original artwork though. which is on display at the shop. How flattering to be chosen as an icon for independent shops.

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